Cryptocurrency Taxes - 2019 calendar with 1040 income tax form for 2018 showing tax day for filing on April 15

The Sooner You Get Your CryptoTax Info The Better

Why you might ask, is it better to get your cryptocurrency taxes sooner than later? The answer is fairly simple. Governments around the world are cracking down on cryptocurrency tax avoiders and they are doing it swiftly and aggressively. Laws are changing quickly but right now in the US they are pretty clear. Why wait for the laws to get more confusing? If you want to know more about cryptocurrency tax and the laws as they are now, check out this article to get a better idea.

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So, now that you know how cryptocurrency tax works, let’s talk about why to get your cryptotax now. The government is back in action and tax season is right around the corner. Dealing with the stress around your crypto tax is easy, so why wait? It’s crucial to file your cryptotax gains or losses, especially if you lost money trading crypto last year. If you lost money – and let’s be honest, we all did – you can actually write off taxes up to your loss or $3,000 (whichever is lower). Here is the easiest way to get your crypto tax information ASAP.

Why You Should Act Now

The government is back up and running and people are going to be flooding the IRS with their taxes in order to get their returns faster. The earlier you can get on the train of people filing your taxes, the faster you’ll get a return from your taxes. Plus, think about all the money that you lost trading crypto in 2018. The faster you file your taxes, the faster you can write off your capital losses and get some cash in your pocket.


Getting Your Cryptocurrency Taxes Figured Out Can be Easy

Here at GetCryptoTax, we believe that everyday people should be able to deal with their cryptocurrency taxes easily, efficiently, and securely, so we built Our easy to use tax calculator provides you with a simple way to upload your data and then with a click of a button get your short and long term crypto capital gains numbers. From there, you can simply fill in your tax data however you usually do your taxes. The government is back up and the time has come to file your taxes, so avoid the stress of the season and deal with your cryptocurrency taxes now with GetCryptoTax.