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Are you an accountant? Didn't invest in crypto? Well your clients did. Make it easier on yourself and them. makes filing capital gains and taxes easier than ever before.

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Let Get Crypto Tax Calculate Capital Gains For You!

Import Trades from Exchanges

Your clients can easily download their trade history from whichever cryptocurrency exchanges they used to buy and sell cyrpto. This export is a csv file that can easily be imported into the Get Crypto Tax app and capital gains calculated.

Capital Gains Calculated Easily

Your client’s capital gains or losses are generated using the standard cost-basis (FIFO). Coin to coin transfers are priced with historical pricing data from Coin Market Cap. This takes the hard work out of the equation for you, the accountant.

Export to Form or Spreadsheet

Once your client’s capital gains / losses have been calculated it’s as simple as downloading and sending the final calculations to you.

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